Who’s Afraid of a Big, Brash Corporation?

Earlier in my career, there was a time when a software release announcement by one of our competitors would have sent me into a panic. Well, not a panic exactly, but I would have been concerned. Surely, I thought, a corporate giant with that kind of annual revenue would have

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Growing in volume by the hour, big data is everywhere. Just reflect for a moment on the many forms of data we use regularly as a modern society: Satellite aerial imagery, Global positioning, Atmospheric weather data, Surveillance security video, Silly cat videos on YouTube as well as content from social media

HEC-RAS in the Philippines

Picture World War II and you might imagine guns and explosives. Filipinos have given us an alternative, “Jeepneys”. On our recent trip to the CivilGEO 2016 Client Summit in Manila, Philippines, we couldn’t help noticing these strange but enticing buses, with the front look of a Jeep and the back configured