Bridge Construction on the Fly?

Back in early July I posted a short commentary on the state of highways and bridges in the U.S. The American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) comprehensive 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure offers an in-depth analysis as well. But wouldn’t you know? There may be hope. The classic entrepreneurial American spirit has hatched an idea that […]

The Complexity of ‘Simple’

You can see signs of it wherever you look. When was the “small house movement” ever so big? When was the last time you saw so many books on the virtues of living a simple life? Why is practicing “mindfulness” so prevalent? The truth is that life is full of clutter, physical clutter in our […]

Fish Ladders vs. Flying Fish, Which Works Better?

The sight of a Chinook Salmon being shot out of a duct on a river in the Pacific Northwest would probably startle famous early 20th century conservationist Aldo Leopold. But then, the massive number of dams on U.S. waterways in the 21st century would probably shock him as well. This modern age has brought many changes. […]

The Unhappy State of Bridges and Highways in the U.S.

An interesting article ran in ASCE’s (American Society of Civil Engineers) Journal of Leadership and Management in Engineering in 2008. Robert W. Clark, P.E., authored a piece about two well used bridges in Stuyvesant, New York. One of the bridges had passed safety inspections by the State DOT every year. The other bridge, owned by […]