Update to our customers about COVID-19

To Our Valued Customers, As COVID-19 continues to spread and cause uncertainty throughout the world, we want to assure you that our commitment to you, our business partners and clients, remains steadfast. As we continue to monitor this critical situation and observe safety precautions for our staff, we are also taking steps to ensure that […]

A Coffee Bar and Other Perks Do Positive Work Environments Make Employees More Engaged on the Job?

The workplace is changing, and signs of this change are everywhere. From companies with in-house bistros to Google’s dog-friendly spaces and Microsoft’s family benefits, the workplace is slowly evolving. Companies state that the underlying goal of these programs is to support employees, attract the best job candidates and foster work environments that encourage productivity and […]

A Peek at the High-Tech Playbook: Lessons from Software Giants on Creating a Unique Work Space

Milton Hershey of Hershey Chocolate company fame, maker of unremarkable but affordable chocolate, established a company town in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 1903, complete with worker lodging, parks for employee enjoyment and other enviable conveniences. As we move into 2019, we learn that Microsoft Corporation is investing $500 million to create affordable housing in Seattle, Washington, […]

The Team that Could

When it comes to managing a company, we have come a long way. Thankfully, employees are no longer just cogs in the machinery of a business. In Charles Dicken’s satirical book, Hard Times, published in 1854, factory workers were referred to as “hands.” Nothing more: just hands. Thankfully, today the employee is viewed as much […]

At Work with the Intrapreneur

I came of age in the 1970s with the understanding that once I finished school I would, much like my dad and grandfather, work fairly regular hours at the same job, performing more or less the same duties, for the next 40 years until I retired. At that time, companies were managed according to set […]

How My Date with an Angel went South

It was right after the Dot-com crash, and we were strapped for operating capital. I was frustrated with a languishing business situation that seemed to offer no opportunity for real growth. Sales had bottomed out and I didn’t have the capital to expand our software line in a way that I knew would pay off. […]

The Odd, Riveting and Inspiring Things that People have said (and that have Stuck with Me)

As engineering director and general visionary at CivilGEO I can easily get consumed with the details of running a business. Preoccupation with team management, product design and sales often makes me lose sight of the bigger picture and the WHY behind what I do. I know others have been in my position—stuck in the mire […]

Tips from a Transportation Company (What?!)

What could an innovative transportation/taxi company possibly have in common with a firm that makes civil engineering software? As any Business 101 course will tell you, the rules to run a company well are marvelously universal. A greenhouse that specializes in rare orchids can learn a thing or two from a successful bakery franchise; a […]

The Day My Employee Went Rogue

I didn’t realize I had a problem on my hands until the wife of my absentee sales person called to ask one morning if we had seen her husband. There had been red flags leading up to this day that I had foolishly chosen to ignore. This sales agent hadn’t been able to close sales […]