Mean What You Say

One summer day many years ago, a friend of our family told my then eight-year old self that he would build me a treehouse in the fall. Maybe this friend didn’t realize how much I trusted his words. Maybe this friend didn’t really think I was paying attention to what he said or figured that, being a kid, it

Cloud Devotee

Let’s declare right here what we all know to be true: Without a decent corporate phone system, businesses would go belly-up. An efficient, fool-proof phone system keeps the wheels spinning and business moving right along. Following in at a close second are the computers at CivilGEO

Who’s Afraid of a Big, Brash Corporation?

Earlier in my career, there was a time when a software release announcement by one of our competitors would have sent me into a panic. Well, not a panic exactly, but I would have been concerned. Surely, I thought, a corporate giant with that kind of annual revenue would have

Trailblazing Technical Support

There is no substitute for good customer service. Offering an excellent product is clearly important, but if customers’ interactions with your company are poor, the outlook for your business will look equally grim. People are ultimately the clients and people need to be served. Particularly