CivilGEO at the 27th Latin American Congress of Hydraulics

Geo HEC RAS in Peru

Two of our Spanish speaking superstar engineers, Harold Evers and Jordi Oliveras, were exhibiting GeoHECRAS at the XXVII Latin American Congress of Hydraulics at the Swissotel Lima, Peru. They were busy demonstrating the advanced capabilities and new features of GeoHECRAS. Lima is a desert city, the world’s second largest desert city in fact.

Exhibiting our advanced HEC-RAS software in Peru

The conference was well attended by water resource professionals from South America, Latin America, and Europe. Even a few engineers from North America made it down for this congress. For those engineers who missed out on seeing our software, you can fill out this download request form or simply contact us to schedule a webinar demonstration at a time that is convenient for you. Let us know your preferred language choice: Spanish, Italian, French, or plain ole American English.