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  • Large Model Support
  • 2D Mesh Generation Optimization
  • 2D Mesh Error Auto Fix Optimization
  • Assign Conveyance Obstructions
  • Assign Ineffective Flow Areas
  • Animation Display Improvements
  • Improved Project Archiving
  • Improved Profile Line Plots
  • Improved Time Series Plots
  • Improved CAD Drawing Layers dialog box
  • Improved CAD Properties dialog box
  • Cross Section Geometry Extraction Optimized
  • Auto-Aligning Copied Roadway Crossings / Inline Structures
  • Improved Meshing for 2D Flow Area Connection Weirs
  • 2D Flow Area Roughness Regions Color Support
  • 2D Land Cover Legend Optimized
  • LIDAR Version 1.4 Support
  • Roughness Regions Color Support
  • Improved Renaming of River Reaches
  • FEMA NFHL WMS Support
  • Imported HEC-RAS Models Directory Paths & File Names

What’s Updated

Next-Generation 2D River Flood Modeling Software

What's New in GeoHECRAS

Zonal Meshing

HEC-RAS Version 5.0.6 Support

Cross Section Geometry Comparison & Replacement

Cross Section Direction Arrows

Advanced Time Step Control

Build Sloping Abutment Command

Adjust Elevations Command

Stamp Geometry

Cross Section Direction Arrows

Built-in Remote Assistance

Adjust Elevations Command

Export to Google Earth

What’s Fixed

US / Metric Units Default Dimension Support

For 2D models, the software now correctly manages the default values for cell dimensions and breakline cell spacing.

Color Fill Decimal


Inline Structure Rating


Storage Area Data


Definition of color fill in the Properties dialog boxes now supports decimal point precision.

The water surface elevation versus diverted flow rating curve data is now correctly passed to the HEC-RAS engine.

The unit label displayed for metric (SI) units for storage area in the Storage Area Data dialog box now displays correctly.

Our Clients


"The brilliance of GeoHECRAS is that all of the editing functionality, and software, and model manipulation, and output are all in one contained package"

Timothy J. Olson - P.E., CFM,

Water Resources Project Manager

Bolton & Menk, Inc.,

Maplewood, MN

"…create an entire HEC‑RAS model in about a half an hour"

Robert K. Carter - CSS, CFM

Project Engineer

The H.L. Turner Group Inc.,

Concord, NH

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