Copying and Pasting Model Elements

The software allows you to copy and paste model elements within a project and even between projects when two or more models are opened. For example, to duplicate a cross section along a river reach, select a cross section and then right click and choose Copy from the displayed context menu.

The software will display the copied cross section connected to the cursor. Then, position the cross section along the river reach where you want it to be pasted and then click with the mouse.

The copied cross section will then be placed at the selected location.

The software will automatically align the copied cross section thalweg with the river reach and position the cross section perpendicular to the river reach. In addition, the software will update the copied cross section river station ID and adjust the flow lengths for the copied cross section and the next upstream cross section.

Similarly, cross sections can be copied from one project to another. After copying the cross section as described above, then switch to the other project and position your cursor over the river reach where you want to paste the cross section and then click. The software will then place the copied cross section at the selected location, automatically aligning it perpendicular with the river reach.

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