Undo and Redo Commands

The Undo and Redo commands are complimentary and can be quite helpful when working on an engineering project. The important thing to note is the order in which you used previous commands.

From the Quick Access Toolbar when you click once on the Undo command (or press Ctrl+Z), the software undo the last thing you did. If you click on the Undo command gain, it will undo the next most recent thing you did—and so on.

Quick Access Toolbar

Clicking on the Redo command (or press Ctrl+Y) will reverse what you just did with the Undo command. So, each time you click on the Redo command, the corresponding Undo command will be reversed. The Redo command is helpful when you have used the Undo command too many times and want to bring back something. However, the Redo command must be used immediately after using the Undo command.

Undo / Redo Command List Box

A convenient way to undo previous commands is to select the commands from the Undo dropdown list box in the Quick Access Toolbar. Click on the small down arrow adjacent to the Undo command and the most recent commands will be listed. You can then click on the command in the list box which you want to undo.

Undo command dropdown listing

Note that the undo and redo listing is specific for the current Map View. Each project (or Map View) has its own undo and redo listing.

Canceling a Command

In addition to the Undo command, you can cancel out of a command while it is active by pressing the Esc key.

Undo a Segment during Digitizing

While digitizing an element, press the U key (for Undo) to undo the last segment of the element being digitized. The U key can be pressed multiple times to undo multiple segments of the element while digitizing.

Cannot Undo Some Commands

There are some commands where the Undo command cannot be used for. For example:

  • Save Project
  • Open Project
  • New Project
  • Add Layer
  • New Layer
  • New Layer Group
  • and others…

Data Dialog Undo / Redo Command

All of the data dialog boxes, such as the Cross Section Data dialog box, have their own Undo and Redo command. This provides further undo and redo granularity while editing the data element.

Undo listing in data dialog boxes

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