CivilGEO at the 27th Latin American Congress of Hydraulics

Two of our Spanish speaking superstar engineers, Harold Evers and Jordi Oliveras, were exhibiting GeoHECRAS at the XXVII Latin American Congress of Hydraulics at the Swissotel Lima, Peru. They were busy demonstrating the advanced capabilities and new features of GeoHECRAS. Lima is a desert city, the world’s second largest desert city in fact. The conference […]

HEC-RAS in the Philippines

Picture World War II and you might imagine guns and explosives. Filipinos have given us an alternative, “Jeepneys”. On our recent trip to the CivilGEO 2016 Client Summit in Manila, Philippines, we couldn’t help noticing these strange but enticing buses, with the front look of a Jeep and the back configured with two long seats […]