GeoHECRAS Update: USGS StreamStats and more

Apr 27, 2016 Release It’s been a busy week and we are pleased to announce another major update of GeoHECRAS. As requested by our customers, we have added several advanced features. New features like the USGS StreamStats command allows users to click on a stream location in the map view and

GeoHECRAS Update: HEC-RAS Workflow Automation

For this release of GeoHECRAS, after getting lots of feedback from our users, we have introduced several major new features that improve and speedup the workflow of the HEC-RAS modeler. For example, the software will automatically build the bridge opening after you provide it just a few parameters defining the opening

GeoHECRAS Update: HEC-RAS Data, Data, Data

July 3, 2015 Release This week we have released another major new update of GeoHECRAS. This update provides much more data functionality and control to the users by allowing them to view and edit the attributed data, merge different data types for a single application to get higher accuracy, and georeference

Design of Fish Passages & Ladders with HEC-RAS

Salmon and other migrating fish, such as shad, alewives and sturgeon, need access to freshwater habitat for spawning and rearing. In some cases, these fish need to swim thousands of miles through the oceans and rivers to reach their destination, but they are often blocked from completing

GeoHECRAS Update: HEC-RAS Made Easy

Jan 19, 2015 Release This week a new update for GeoHECRAS comes out with a full spectrum of new features to speed up HEC-RAS model creation and review. With this new update, the benefits of using a variety of mapping and spatial information in various formats are accessible with HEC-RAS model