We Thank Our Lucky Stars: Five Reasons CivilGEO is Grateful

Thank Our Lucky Stars

The year 2016 is wrapping up. Now is the time to take stock of the dips and peaks of the last 12 months. CivilGEO is still thriving; the number of satisfied customers keeps growing; we are still cranking out useful software. And I am counting my lucky stars to be at the helm of this plucky and valiant ship we call CivilGEO. At the best of times, I feel like the Captain of a Vestas Sailrocket breaking one speed record after another. Hyperbole aside, here is what we are thankful for in 2016:

  1. Loyal Customers. Where, oh where, would we be without our many satisfied, helpful and loyal clients? Clearly our customers’ investment in our product and our company keeps the machinery nicely clipping along. But, many of these customers are more to us than just paying clients. I actually consider our customers an extension of our team here at CivilGEO. These folks are not on the payroll obviously, but considering the value of their feedback, they very well could be! These engineers, consultants and other professionals serve as our reliable “sounding board” as we test the utility and design of new features. These clients let us know if we need to spiff up this or that capability or if a feature needs a revamp. These guys and gals also let us know when our product delivers and eases up their workload. They support us and encourage us to do more! Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?
  1. Loyal Employees. Dare I say it without sounding smug? Employees still look happy to come to work at CivilGEO. Some employees are approaching seven years of employment and the twinkle in their eye is still there as is the skip in their step. I know that we can always improve our management of people here at CivilGEO, but we must be doing something right if folks continue to stick around. The fellowship and spontaneous team work that bubbles up during stressful times and tough deadlines warms my heart. Working together is what it’s all about.
  1. CivilGEO’s Hand in the Game. Today’s built environment requires on-going reconstruction and reconfiguring. Modern issues, whether in the form of crumbling infrastructure or unpredicted rain events, require the use of sophisticated tools. We are grateful that CivilGEO software plays a role in resolving the typical problems of a modern nation. We have opportunities every day to make a difference in how complex problems are tackled. This make us glad….and grateful.
  1. The Endless Hatching of Ideas. Hardly a week goes by without some new piece of technology being introduced. Constantly evolving technology, the development of LIDAR or 3D technology, for example, stirs us to get moving and rise to the occasion. The work ethic of the human race blows me away! Have you thought about how quickly we as a civilization develop and spit out new technology? Engineers and entrepreneurs everywhere participate in a very dynamic “give and take” of ideas, around the clock. We hatch an idea, build on it, refine and readjust and reconfigure it for different applications. This is exciting stuff and as a software company that strives to keep up with it all, we are in the thick of it. For this, we are grateful.
  1. Freedom! In the movie Braveheart, the fiery and legendary 13th century Scottish hero William Wallace’s last emphatic word was exactly this. As a software developer and civil engineer, quietly working away in my modern American office, my story is not nearly as dramatic or powerful. But the word means as much to me. I have the freedom to chart the course of CivilGEO and engineering design software that I think will meet the needs of engineers world-wide. For this freedom I am grateful.