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What I’m Thankful for in 2018

Ideally, we should give thanks every day for the things that make our lives better. But life and responsibilities get in the way most of the time. When the month of November comes around, it forces us to consider the blessings we so often ignore during the rest of the year. Here are some of […]

Mean What You Say

One summer day many years ago, a friend of our family told my then eight-year old self that he would build me a treehouse in the fall. Maybe this friend didn’t realize how much I trusted his words. Maybe this friend didn’t really think I was paying attention to what he said or figured that, being […]

Culvert Design Considerations

The structural choice of a culvert and corresponding inlet is based on environmental considerations, risk to property, cost of construction and maintenance and also aesthetic considerations. The capacity of an existing culvert can be increased with an improved inlet. Culvert Inlet Design An improved inlet serves to funnel the flow into the culvert to remove […]

HEC-RAS Flood Result Raster Grids

While GeoHECRAS constructs a flood map representing the area of inundation, it can simultaneously generate an elevation raster grid (or elevation grid) file representing the water surface elevation for the mapped area. This raster grid file allows the flood map to be utilized in other software programs, such as ESRI ArcMap and ArcGIS. Each grid […]

Network License Management

This article describes how network licenses work and how to manage the licenses in a network environment. What is the difference between Stand-Alone and Network Licenses? For a stand-alone software license, a license is needed to be installed on each computer workstation that the software is to run on. With a network software license, a […]