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Licensing Options

Single Use License

A single use license is locked to a single computer.

Concurrent Use License

A concurrent use license allows multiple computers to operate the software concurrently through a shared pool of licenses administered by a central license manager.

Software Maintenance Program

Ensure you receive the latest releases of CivilGEO software and access to technical support with a maintenance subscription. First year maintenance is included in the price of the software.

Enterprise License Agreements

An enterprise license agreement is a cost-effective way for you to efficiently manage and deliver business value throughout your entire organization for a fixed annual fee.

Financing Options

It’s easy to keep cash flowing while keeping up with the latest engineering technology. Take advantage of our flexible financing options, of up to 100% of your investment, to purchase not only engineering software, but subscription and training services as well. Contact us for more information.

Competitive Upgrades

Stuck with some older, non-supported, legacy software that no longer does the job? You can upgrade to our software and save! Contact us for more information.

Educational Discounts

We provide attractive educational discounts for universities, providing volume seat package licensing at a very affordable price. Contact us for more information.

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