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These Legal Notices and Terms of Use (“these terms”) apply to and govern use of this website (“this Site”). This Site is owned by CivilGEO, Inc., which is an United States of America corporation that does business as CivilGEO. References to “Users” mean users of this Site. References to “this Site” include this Site’s content (e.g., data, information, files, graphics, etc.), design, code, underlying technology and other components. The portions of this Site that are made available by CivilGEO to Users are sometimes referred to as the “Public Site”. By using this Site, User agrees to these terms.

Use Permission and Terms

Subject to these terms, Users are permitted to use the Public Site for its intended purpose of providing information about CivilGEO and about related matters. Use of certain aspects of this Site may be subject to additional terms made available by CivilGEO separately. Any use of this Site other than as permitted by applicable terms is prohibited. User agrees to comply with all applicable terms and with applicable laws.

Use Restrictions

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Proprietary Rights

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Modification of Terms

These terms may be amended from time to time by CivilGEO by posting on this Site changes to these terms or otherwise communicating changes in terms. No terms may be modified or waived except as provided in the foregoing sentence. Any use of this Site after CivilGEO’s posting of any changes or otherwise communicating changes constitutes User’s acceptance of these terms as modified.