The Odd, Riveting and Inspiring Things that People have said (and that have Stuck with Me)

As engineering director and general visionary at CivilGEO I can easily get consumed with the details of running a business. Preoccupation with team management, product design and sales often makes me lose sight of the bigger picture and the WHY behind what I do. I know others have been in my position—stuck in the mire […]

How to Keep Your Head Above Water (When Business Gets Rough)

Building and growing a business is in my blood. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs that thrived on self-employment. From my great-grandfather on my mother’s side to my dad and several more in-between, we have always enjoyed building businesses from the ground up. But it hasn’t been easy and it would be a lie […]

Six Traits of a Good Engineer (And the Engineers, Inventors and Geniuses that Had Them)

Robust Math Skills Engineers know that mathematical relationships form the building blocks of all that we see in nature. The famous British mathematician, engineer and computer scientist, Alan Turing, was so talented in math as a child that he could solve advanced math problems with little to no exposure to introductory calculus. He went on […]

The Grit Factor

So how gritty are you?  And maybe more importantly, how gritty are your employees? I stumbled across a TED talk on the topic of “grit” the other day. A. L. Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania along with her colleagues had studied the topic extensively, tracked the success of students with “grit” versus those without, […]

7 Habits I Try to Keep

Every now and then in my work as an engineering manager I get stumped. I may be stuck in an intense debate with a co-worker where both of us are frustrated and unable to reach a decision. Or I am buried in a heap of engineering projects that grows larger and more fearsome with each […]