The Lesser Known Engineer: Nikola Tesla

Over a century ago, a gifted man by the name of Nikola Tesla toiled away on his inventions in an upper flat of a derelict New York City apartment house until the early hours of the morning. In the afternoon when he took his daily walk, he would make a point of looking for wounded […]

Robot Engineers? You May Lose Your White-Collar Job To a Robot Sooner than You Think

You may lose your white-collar job to a robot sooner than you think. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), a global provider of market intelligence and analysis, big changes in the U.S. workforce will happen quickly and at a scale you would never have expected. The IDC’s report, “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Robotics 2017 Predictions” […]

Six Traits of a Good Engineer (And the Engineers, Inventors and Geniuses that Had Them)

Robust Math Skills Engineers know that mathematical relationships form the building blocks of all that we see in nature. The famous British mathematician, engineer and computer scientist, Alan Turing, was so talented in math as a child that he could solve advanced math problems with little to no exposure to introductory calculus. He went on […]

Tales in Geography: Early Methods in Surveying

An engineer’s ability to tackle a complex modeling project requires accurate and reliable baseline data. Centuries of discovery, research, and human ingenuity have produced data in the form of LIDAR, satellite imagery, digital elevation terrain data, GIS and more. But, this huge variety of data has not always been available. As this historic blog series […]

Tales in Geography: John C. Frémont Charts the West

“We had accomplished an object of laudable ambition, and beyond the strict order of our instructions. We had climbed the loftiest peak of the Rocky Mountains, and…standing where never human foot had stood before, felt the exultation of first explorers.” John C. Frémont around 1842 (Jackson and Spence, 1970, p. 45). These are the words […]